All Systems Are Bluetooth

We are very busy In our shop this time of year please allow us The time to build you a good system .

We stock all of the raw materials and hardware. We build the items as we get paid for them. This keeps our costs down allowing us to sell the highest quality parts at a discounted price. Your stereo will be built on a one on one customer build so all parts are the newest we can get. This way you get a stereo that has not been laying on someones shelf for 6 months. Because of this, your item will ship about 5 to 7 business days after we receive payment 

The Can Am XMR Sound System Specialist !

WE NOW HAVE Gift Certificates you can print off or send by email to that someone check them out on the order page. Print them out or email them anywhere.




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Atv Trail Tunes doing work right here

 We list the powerbase systems on our front page because there the number one selling system anywhere. All Powerbase Systems are Bluetooth Any Color You Can Dream We can Dip. Please Email Us the Colors You Want Yours To Be There Is No Way We can List The 500 Plus Colors We Can Do.

Twin Tubes Powerbase Dipped

$ 350.00 USD

1000 Watt Twin Tubes Powerbase Dipped Red White Blue

Marine Built 100%  

Twin Tubes 1000 watt dip speakers with leds

$ 380.00 USD

1000 Watt Marine amp Powerbase Dipped Marine Speakers With Bluetooth Adapter

Please email use your colors to

YPipe With Dipped Powerbase Speakers

$ 600.00 USD

Can Am Digital Camo dip paint 2000 watt marine amp Powerbase spealers This thing rocks.

Y Pipe Powerbase

$ 600.00 USD

2000 Watt Amp ,Marine speakers, Bluetooth Adapter Ready To rock Your Ride.

Y Pipe Powerbase Lighted

$ 700.00 USD

2000 Watt Marine Grade Amp and Powerbase  Marine Grade Speakers Led speaker rings please email us wwith your colors



New twin Tubes Budget 1000 watt

$ 300.00 USD

Boss buster no crapy 200 watt amp here 1000 watt marine grade amp with marine speakers not fancy just bare bones sound system at a great price.

Comes with a bluetooth adapter


Tail Gater Football System

$ 750.00 USD

Football tail gate system 1200 Watt 100% Bluetooth made to run off 12 volt battery. Has handles to move it around. Use for tail gate party's front rack of ATV bed of a Utv or just kicken back in the shop. Dip speakers in you teams colors show your support for your team.


Any system ordered This month will get a free Bluetooth Abco Tech Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver for 3.5mm Devices - Converts Wired 3.5mm Headphones into Wireless Music Streaming Stereo Earphones - Take phone calls with built in Mic. Compatible with all Bluetooth Devices, iPhone 5 Siri and All Android devices $20.00 Value

Here is a very good site for case's and ram mounts

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 Where would you buy your ATV Stereo someone that has been building stereos 10 years like us or someone who has been building 4 weeks?

Thank you to all our customers we have been lucky to build for in the past. With out you we would not be here now. I wish we could have the time to go ride with everyone of you. 

We are in the possess of getting our USA PATTEN  But it takes time and a lot of cash.

Thank you

We are proud  to announce we are now a Authorized dealer for LAZAR AUDIO ,LEGACY AUDIO, PYRAMID AUDIO, PYLE AND PYLE PRO AUDIO ALSO BLITZ AUDIO   Authorized dealer for JENSEN Products. There is no way we can list all of what we sell if you need something emails us we can get it!!!!!

If you would like to talk to a real person just email us your phone number and we will call you beck. Sorry we cannot place our phone number on here just to many spammers in the world wide web to do that.


We support Kohl Guffey in his fight to walk after a race accident make it imposable to walk.

Help support Kohl Guffey in his fight to walk once more.


Thank you for taking a look at our ATV trail tunes all our ATV stereos . All of our models have been tested by all forms of riders in all conditions. The trail tunes are made with affordable components to keep the cost down. We work out of our own small shop with very low over head and strive to keep the cost down and the quality high on our stereos. All wires are soldered and heat sinked, all the holes are sealed up tight. We are ATV riders so we know what it takes to build a dependable system to last. All stereos come with a ipod or mp3, 3.5 mm plug  and a 3 foot power cable with a cigarette plug.  No stereo made is waterproof but the stereos we build are very water resistant. If you would to adjust the amp the left end comes off to access the amp. Amps are preset at our shop but may need adjusting with your mp3 or ipod.

All stereos are test played for 1 hour before we OK them to ship.

Also included with stereo two large zip ties to mount you stereo to the front rack. Just use a inexpensive MP3 player or a IPOD or just about anything with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Offroading, 4 Wheeling and 4×4 activities may be hazardous and we do not endorse specific activities or actions, please treat the environment with the care and respect it deserves.

All products are designed and sold for off road, marine and RV use only and we recommend checking with your relevant transportion authority in your state. It's also recommended that you check with your insurance company in regards to any and all modifications to your vehicle, boat or RV.

We suggest you fully understand all modifications that may be required before purchasing any of our products. If there is any other information on a product you require before purchase please contact us. It is the responsibility of the purchasing party, installer and/or end user to make sure any modifications being carried out are to the guidelines of their states motor traffic authority. We take no responsibility for any damage or injury to vehicles, property or persons while using any of the products or information from this website or our company